Samsung Gear IconX

As a Senior Interaction Designer working on Samsung's Gear Icon X earbud headphones, I created prototypes, defined touch based interactions, developed the audio UI, and created specifications for lighting feedback. I also collaborated with industrial designers on ergonomic studies of ears.

The Challenge

  • Design a truly wireless Bluetooth headphone with heart rate monitoring

As Senior Interaction Designer I...

  • Organized hackathon resulting in key insights that helped to inspire this product
  • Performed ergonomic, tech and experiential research
  • Created audio+touch interaction prototypes in Noodl
  • Recorded voice talent
  • Created user flow and wireframe documentation
  • Shipped Gear Icon X in August 2016



  • Studied audiology and participated in a hearing aid evaluation to better understand the process of tuning and fitting earbuds.


  • Introduced a Scrum process to support visibility and tracking. 


  • To validate and showcase design ideas, I white-boarded interaction concepts and used those to build audio and touch-based interaction prototypes in Noodl. was the preferred speech recognition platform for this prototype although its usage was deprioritized in favor of robust documentation.


  • Our industrial designers were struggling with the ergonomic fit for the inner ear, so I created several in-ear molds with polycaprolactone, followed by a study of ear gel comfort. 
  • The in-ear molds and findings informed changes to the hardware design moving forward.