Groovik's Cube

I designed the sounds and behavior of sounds for the "Groovik's Cube", a giant (15 feet x 15 feet), interactive, light-based, Rubik's Cube for the Burning Man art festival. Audio provided game state information and emotional impact to participants and observers.  The installation had three controllers, spaced about 50 feet apart, encircling the cube, each one controlling a single rotational axis of the cube.  To solve it, people needed to figure out how to collaborate.

After Burning Man, we installed it at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, followed by the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest functional Rubik's Cube structure in the world.

Link to more photos here.

I didn't capture any of my own video at the burn, although this one from an attendee gives a rough idea of what the experience was like.